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LED screen rental

 LED Video-wall rental is one of the fastest growing sector in the production and live events industry, with this in mind us here are Vortex Events would like to help take your Events and Productions to the next level using our very own LED video wall screens. At Vortex Events we take a lot of pride in everything we do, no matter how big or small the job at hand may be - we want everyone of your events to be a great success just as much as you do yourselves.   



Film & TV

We are increasingly seeing LED video walls
being used within the film and TV sector of the industry including streaming platforms like YouTube and TikTok. 

Using video wall for film productions enables the creative use of reflections and realistic lighting which simply can not be achieved using a green screen resulting in a realistic shot even before going into post production.

Virtual Production is a big part of our industry and we are very excited to be a part of it.


Exhibiton & Roadshow

Making A big impact and catching peoples attention is at the heart of exhibition stands and road shows to get the maximum engagement possible, how could you achieve this better than with a huge AV wall?

Utilising our 2.9mm or 4mm pitch video walls and our professional presentation equipment we can make any presentation eye-catching with sharp text and photos at large sizes

If you are looking for a creative presentation that will have your delegates focused on you then you know who to talk to, we are happy to take on any challenges.




Live Event's

Becoming a staple Pice most medium to large scale gigs and live events now feature video walls, with out in-house stock we can configure screens as small scale or as big as required also giving us the ability to fit within most budgets. we keep large stocks of ip rated 4 mm video wall allowing us to supply screens to any of your outdoor events weather that be a festival, drive in cinema or sporting event. Video walls definitely give a sense  of wow factor to your events taking them to the next level.

We currently hold a large stock of 4 mm IP rated video panels and we also hold a stock of 2.9 mm - the 2.9 mm video wall is not IP rated however it is great for more corporate events like exhibitions, roadshows ect. ​With our stock we have the ability to form 2 giant screens either side of a stage along with decorative strips on stage, single huge backdrops and many more configurations. With the 4 mm screens being IP rated we are prepared to go against the tough Scottish weather. Meaning you can use this screen outdoors, for use at football stadiums, exhibitions, drive in movies, music festivals, roadshows, fire work displays and Christmas light switch on to name a few however I am sure you have your own ideas on where you would like it or what kind of events you would like to use it for so just get in touch if there is anything we can help with.​We currently hire on a wet basis meaning we deliver set up dismantle and remove the screen for your event with dry hire also available if the client has the correct knowledge of the screens.

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