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At Vortex we pride ouselfs with being ahead of the game especily when it comes down to embrasing technoligy, one way we do that is with our Smart Phone Quiz.
after recently introducing the speedquizzing Smartphone Quiz to our services it has been a huge hit replaceing the tradidional pen and paper pub quiz which lets face it, is a bit dated.
our Smartphone Quiz is packed with massive benifits including being impossible to cheet, enviromentaly freindly, easy to use and free to download.
The quiz has multiple game modes makeing it freash every week useing adrenilin filled buzzinrounds multiple choise answers, letter rounds and number rounds sending photos to the teams devices and displaying the questions on tv's within the venue during the 10 second answering time.
we have the ability to display adverts for any of your venues upcomeing events drinks promotions and menues on the teams phones during breaks and on tvs inbetween questions
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